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Manufacturing and Transportation

Several companies in the manufacturing and transportation industries prefer using Analytica for quantitative modeling. Claude Marbach, of Rexam Beverage Can America, offers a great explanation for this - “We couldn’t figure out a way to do with Excel, what was easy to do and display in Analytica. For us, its key benefits are the visual representation of the models, being easily understood by upper management, the range of values for key variables, and that it lets us narrow the view to key variables.” Analytica offers transparency with visual influence diagrams, representation of uncertainties with rapid Monte Carlo, and scalability with flexibility and modularity that provides experienced analysts with a new modeling paradigm. Below are a few noteworthy examples of important Analytica models from these industries.

Managing R&D at WL Gore

W.L. Gore & Associates, best known as the developer of GORE-TEX® fabrics, use Analytica to assess the technical and market risks and revenues... »more

Auto maker saves $250M on warranty costs

A major US automobile maker used Analytica to identify key drivers to their skyrocketing costs to service warranties, resulting in savings of over $250... »more

REXAM uses Analytica for manufacturing investment evaluation

Created about 25 Analytica models to evaluate investments in new equipment for manufacturing beverage containers, including the innovative "Battery Cans" for JOLT cola. »more

The Future of the Automobile

Will biofuels, electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles or something else transform the US vehicle fleet? How will this affect costs, emissions, and energy imports? Find out... »more
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